Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peaches, Blues and Stripes!

And my new found obsession with colored jeans continues, mint green, nautical blue, orange and now PEACH! Quickly put together when I had to rush to a friend's place for a weekend stayover...and just when I was wondering what footwear could do justice to this outfit, a picture of my new BLUE shoes flashed in my mind..and these are really really comfortable!...honestly, I am not a flat footwear person, HEELS are my BIRTHRIGHT kinda thing, but If I do, I need to make sure, that I have a really cool STATEMENT pair!..If you know what I mean !  :)
So, this one of the very few occasions that I took that extra effort of dressing it up all colorful, and yes it worked! My frends loved the entire outfit too  :)
Just to add, these skinny fit jeans could be paired up with a white tunic shirt top or any staright fit pastel colored sleevless top giving it a soft color block look.. Definetely worth a TRY!

Do share your pictures with me, in case you try something on the similar lines with peach colored jeans and I could post them here  :)


  1. Pallavi you look lovely!