Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peaches, Blues and Stripes!

And my new found obsession with colored jeans continues, mint green, nautical blue, orange and now PEACH! Quickly put together when I had to rush to a friend's place for a weekend stayover...and just when I was wondering what footwear could do justice to this outfit, a picture of my new BLUE shoes flashed in my mind..and these are really really comfortable!...honestly, I am not a flat footwear person, HEELS are my BIRTHRIGHT kinda thing, but If I do, I need to make sure, that I have a really cool STATEMENT pair!..If you know what I mean !  :)
So, this one of the very few occasions that I took that extra effort of dressing it up all colorful, and yes it worked! My frends loved the entire outfit too  :)
Just to add, these skinny fit jeans could be paired up with a white tunic shirt top or any staright fit pastel colored sleevless top giving it a soft color block look.. Definetely worth a TRY!

Do share your pictures with me, in case you try something on the similar lines with peach colored jeans and I could post them here  :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Confessions in a News Article!


The article I wrote for a recently launched publication- DB (Dainik Bhaskar) Star, from the popular Dainik Bhaskar group, which houses Dainik Bhaskar (a Hindi publication), currently the number two publication in terms of both circulation and readership across all categories pan India, after Dainik Jagran (the PR professional speaking! ;) )

DB Star is the new English daily that features everything about the glamour and Bollywood industry in India...

So people this was just an article, which I agreed to write for the column- My Confessions- where the writer / contributor, hares his / her confessions in life. What a way to confess, you must be wondering, and that too in a publication which will reach 1000's of readers, not in Mumbai as yet though! But what the heck! here I am, just thought of giving it a shot, coz I was asked to share something unsual or rather my hidden / not so open confession!....hope you like the article! :)

Your suggestions and feedback would be most appreciated and welcome!..

PS: The article erroneously mentions me as an HR professional, but later mentioned rightly as a PR professional, below my picture! :)